Omega XL Joint Pain Relief and Inflammation Supplement Reviews

What is Omega XL?

Omega XL Joint Pain Relief and Inflammation Supplement Reviews

Omega XL (distributed by Great Healthworks) is a very popular joint health supplement which claims to help support joint health, mobility and muscle recovery.

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You are likely visiting this website because you are researching Omega XL joint pain relief and inflammation supplement reviews.


Based on the Omega XL website, the supplement manufacturers claim that the supplement provides a convenient source of omega-3s as well as additional fatty acids.

However, the active ingredient in Omega XL is an oil extract (PCSO-524) derived from the green-lipped mussel from New Zealand.  The manufacturer’s website also touts that the supplement is 20 times more potent than traditional fish oil.

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Does Omega XL Have Positive Joint Pain Relief or Inflammation Relief Reviews?

Not surprising, the highest traffic e-commerce platform in the world, namely is the source of the greatest number of legitimate product reviews.    

At the time of writing this article there have been 27,660 reviews provided for the Omega XL supplement on the website.  The  average rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.  Click here to view the product reviews for Omega XL.

At the time of this article the breakdown of the reviews are as follows:  

  • 64% – 5 star;
  • 13% – 4 star;
  • 10% – 3 star;
  • 5% – 2 star and;
  • 9% – 1 star.   

Many of those leaving positive reviews expressed that Omega XL did help them or their loved ones with joint pain relief.  

Of the negative reviews most of the complaints related to the following:

  • No joint pain relief provided;
  • The actual ingredients are not specified on the bottle;
  • Concerns about how the supplement may interact with other medications;
  • The supplement is too expensive;
  • The supplement is not approved by the FDA;

Results of Scientific Studies

Omega XL joint pain relief and inflammation supplement reviews are helpful as anecdotal evidence as to whether a product has been helpful in providing pain relief or improved joint health.  However,  there is no real substitute for controlled trials / studies.  There appear to have been a few actual scientific studies performed concerning the efficacy of Omega XL in terms of providing joint pain relief.

2015 Study By The Indiana School of Public Health-Bloomington:

In 2015 a randomized study was completed to evaluate the effectiveness of PCSO-524.  Again PCSO-524 is a marine oil derived from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel.  The study tested the recovery from muscle damage, muscle soreness and inflammation after muscle damage in untrained men.  The results of the study were presented in a 2015 article within the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  Click here for a link to the said 2015 Study.  

In the study, thirty two untrained male subjects were randomly assigned to consume 1200mg per day of PCSO-524 or the placebo for 26 days prior to engaging in muscle damaging exercise.  The consumption of the PCSO-524 and the placebo also continued for 96 hours following the muscle damaging exercise.

The test looked for blood markers of muscle damage, and inflammation as well as functional measures of muscle damage such as delayed onset of muscle soreness, pressure pain threshold, and knee extensor joint range to name a few.


The results of the study indicated that, compared to the placebo, supplementation the PCSO-524 significantly attenuated or reduced the blood markers for muscle damage and muscle inflammation.   The results also indicated that compared to the placebo, there was significantly reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and significantly less strength loss (MVC).

However, the study also indicated that after 24 hours of the muscle damaging exercise, perceived pain was significantly greater as compared to the placebo group.

The conclusion of the study was that supplementation with a marine oil lipid and n-3 LC PUFA blend (PCSO-524), derived from the New Zealand green lipped mussel, may represent a useful therapeutic agent for attenuating muscle damage and inflammation following muscle damaging exercise.

The full citation of the article citing this 2015 study is here:

Timothy D Mickleborough, Jacob A Sinex, David Platt, Robert F Chapman & Molly Hirt (2015) The effects PCSO-524®, a patented marine oil lipid and omega-3 PUFA blend derived from the New Zealand green lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus), on indirect markers of muscle damage and inflammation after muscle damaging exercise in untrained men: a randomized, placebo controlled trial, Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 12:1, DOI: 10.1186/s12970-015-0073-z

2013 Study By Clinic of Rheumatology And Internal Medicine:

In 2013 a study was conducted by the Clinic of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, Academic Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw Poland.  The study sought to examine the pain relief changes in relation to quality of life and safety of use for Osteoarthritis patients who took PCSO-524 compared to patients who took fish oil (containing the industry standard blend).  The results of the study were presented in an online 2013 article published in Marine Drugs (MDPI).  Click here for a link to the said 2013 study.


The results of study demonstrated that the PCSO-524 patients showed a statistically significant improvement compared with patients who took fish oil.  

The study indicated that those who took the PCSO-524 had a 89% decreased in their pain symptoms and 91% reported an improved quality of life.  Patients treated with the fish oil showed significantly less improvement and a greater level of discomfort during the study.

As the article states, the results suggest that PCSO-524 might offer a potential alternative to complementary therapy with no side effects for Osteoarthritis patients.

The full citation of the published article citing this 2013 study is here:

Zawadzki, M.; Janosch, C.; Szechinski, J. Perna canaliculus Lipid Complex PCSO-524™ Demonstrated Pain Relief for Osteoarthritis Patients Benchmarked against Fish Oil, a Randomized Trial, without Placebo Control. Mar. Drugs 2013, 11, 1920-1935.


In summary Omega XL appears to have mostly positive reviews in terms of joint pain and inflammation relief.  There are some scientific studies which seem to indicate that the active ingredients within Omega XL (PCSO-524) may offer some benefits in terms of muscle damage repair and relief from Osteoarthritis pain.

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