Why the LiveGood Business is an Amazing Opportunity!

What is the LiveGood Business?

LiveGood is one of the fastest growing companies in the business of health supplements and wellness products.    LiveGood offers a wide array of health supplement products such as vitamins, Super Greens, Super Reds, CBD and many other products.  Check out the many products LiveGood has to offer by clicking here!

LiveGood is also unique in that it offers a subscription based model similar to that of Costco, Amazon Prime and other leading edge companies.  What struck me is that the non-member pricing on the website was already very reasonable.  However, by joining as a LiveGood member you receive an additional significant discount on the cost of the products.   At the time of this article the cost of the membership is $10.00 per month, or they have an annual membership at $99.99 for some additional savings.  

As someone that is health conscious and regularly takes vitamins and supplements myself, I was very impressed with what LiveGood has to offer, and with their prices.   Amazing health products at exceptional prices.


The LiveGood Business Model

If the retail aspect of LiveGood wasn’t exciting enough, LiveGood also offers an amazing business opportunity for any one that is inclined.   In this article I will do my best to explain all the ways you can turn the LiveGood business model into a significant residual income source.

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The Unique Commission Structure

By joining as an affiliate for LiveGood you are provided with your own unique affiliate member website pages to promote.   LiveGood is unique from most other similar programs in that it does not pay commissions on the product sales themselves.  In order to offer the customers of its products the best value and cheapest prices possible there are no commissions paid on the products themselves.  Rather it is a membership based business model and the income opportunity for those active in promoting LiveGood lies in receiving a share of the membership fees!

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The LiveGood MLM Matrix

By signing up as an affiliate you also automatically become part of part of a matrix or multi-level system and have the opportunity to earn significant residual income as a result of other signups below you in your matrix.   Your earning potential grows exponentially the more people you introduce to the membership program. 

While it is possible to obtain individuals below you in your matrix as a result of what they term as “spillover”, by far the most successful members work at actively recruiting others to join the business as part of their team or “enroller tree”.

Below is a very descriptive video that can explain how the compensation works much better than I can. 

Why the LiveGood Business Is Exceptional

Let’s be real for a minutes.  Multi-level marketing businesses are  nothing new and have been around for decades.  Most multi-level marketing businesses also do not survive.  Why do I believe the LiveGood business is different? 

For me it all comes down to the underlying business itself.   For most multi-level marketing businesses the main aspect of the business itself is recruiting others and earning residual income from the paying members below you in the pyramid or tree.  In most cases with these MLM businesses, the products or services being provided is almost an after thought.  The product or services being offered by most MLM businesses will not resonate with the general public or garner sales.     Where the underlying products or services being offered are sub-standard or overpriced, the whole business is destined to eventually fail.  In those MLM businesses as soon as new prospects for the pyramid or “tree” start drying up, things begin to fall apart.

What really impressed me with LiveGood is that the products appear to be exceptional and the prices are also fantastic.  In some cases the member prices on the LiveGood website for supplements are 50% or less than what you would pay retail from your local health food store.  The website itself is also extremely professional, inviting and easy to navigate.

Had I not been overly impressed with the retail side of the LiveGood business I would hot have given the affiliate opportunity with LiveGood a second look.

Take a Look at the LiveGood Business Opportunity Today!

So if you are ready to not only supercharge your health, but also supercharge your earnings potential click the link below take a closer look at this amazing opportunity.

Click here to learn more about the amazing LiveGood Business Opportunity!

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